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SULTAN, SADIA (2002) 1. Sultan, S.; Shah, S.A.A.; Sun, L.; Ramasami, K.; Cole, A.; Blunt, John.; Munro, M.; Weber, J.F.F.; Bioactive Fungal Metabolites of 9PR2 Isolated From Roots of Callophyllum Ferrugineum Int. J. Pharm. Sci. 2011, 3, Suppl 1, 6-9 (Scopus indexed IF2010 = 0.38). Int. J. Pharm. Sci., 8 (2).

SULTAN, SADIA (2011) Bioactive Metabolites of Endophytic and,fntomopathogenic Fungi of the Malaysian Rainforest. ISSN 1450-223X

SULTAN, SADIA (2012) Biotransformation of anthraquinone crude extract using endophytic fungi. ISSN 1551-7616

SULTAN, SADIA (2012) Endophytic secondary metabolites as agents to reverse resistance to antimicrobial drugs.

SULTAN, SADIA (2011) Isolation of Minor Bioactive Metabolites From Malaysian Endophytic Fungi. ISSN 2221-0997

SULTAN, SADIA (2011) Microbial Transformation of Pregnenolone acetate by using Malaysian Endophyte (2009) Malaysian Natural Product. ISSN 1913-9063

SULTAN, SADIA (2009) Role of microorganisms in the structural modification of selected steroidsi producing structurally novel analogues rafith enhanced bioactivity profiles. ISSN 1675-1302

SULTAN, SADIA (2012) preliminary screening of pandanacea extract for antimicrobial activity.

SULTAN, SADIA (2012) pucak alam forest as a fungi source of new bioactive metabolites. ISSN Print 2226-5139

SULTAN, SADIA (2012) synthesis of cedryl Acetate Derivatives by Green chemistry Reactions, c-Glucosidaseiinhibition Assay, Quantum Mechanical calculations and Molecular Docking studies of lts Metabolites.

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SULTAN, SADIA (2007) Exploring the Malaysian rain forests for new drug leads Sultan S.,1 L.J. Sun,2 Kalavathy R.,1 A.L.J. Cole,2 J.W. Blunt,3 M.H.G. Munro,3 J.F.F. Weber1. In: UNSPECIFIED.

SULTAN, SADIA (2007) Microbial Metabolites From Malaysian Rainforest Soil Fungi as a source of new fungi. In: UNSPECIFIED.

SULTAN, SADIA (2008) Drug Discovery from Malaysian Natural Resources. In: UNSPECIFIED.

SULTAN, SADIA (2008) Biodiversity of marine organisms. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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