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UNSPECIFIED (1970) Knowledge on ageing and Intention to work with the elderly persons among physiotherapy students in UiTM.

(DR.), AMBIGGA DEVI A/P S. KRISHNAPILLAI (1970) Demographic and cancer characteristics of newly diagnosed treatment-naive cancer patients referred to a tertiary hospital in Malaysia.

(DR.), MOHD ZULKEFELI BIN MAT JUSOH (1970) Design and Synthesis of Multinuclear Supramolecular Complexes from Bis(Zn2+-cyclen) Dimer Having 2,2�-Bipyridyl Group as a Linker.

(DR.), MOHD ZULKEFELI BIN MAT JUSOH (1970) Design, Synthesis of Macrocyclic Polyamine Zn2+ Complex Having Selectivity Recognition of DNA Minor Groove and its Biological Activities.

(DR.), MOHD ZULKEFELI BIN MAT JUSOH (1970) Recognition of inositol-1,4,5-riphosphate by a 3:1 complex of a bis(Zn(II)-cyclen) having a 2,2�-bipyridyl linker and ruthenium.

(HAJAH)(DR.), ZURIAH BT ABDUL RAHMAN (1970) Islamic insurers vs. conventional insurers mgmt. Of medical and health insurance in Malaysia.

(HAJAH)(DR.), ZURIAH BT ABDUL RAHMAN (1970) The Role of Islamic Financial Institutions in Wealth Accumulation, Ownership & Protection by the Ummah: Conceptual & Implementation Challenges.

(HAJAH)(DR.), ZURIAH BT ABDUL RAHMAN (1970) The Roles of Goods, Money and Securities Market in Promoting Islamic Insurance (Takaful) in Malaysia.

(HAJAH)(DR.), ZURIAH BT ABDUL RAHMAN (1970) Technological Agricultural Development and Mgmt. In Malaysia.

@ MA'MOR, MISYANA SUSANTI BT HUSIN (1970) Fundamentals in Parliamentary Debate.

@ MA'MOR, MISYANA SUSANTI BT HUSIN (1970) Moving from Pedagogy to Andragogy.

ABDULLAH, MOHD HARIS RIDZUAN OOI BIN (1970) A Survey of Entrance Surface Dose of Some Common X-Ray Procedures in Two Major Hospitals in Penang State, Malaysia.

ABDULLAH, NABILAH BINTI (1970) Examining children�s patterns of understanding relating to germination of seeds.

ABDULLAH, NABILAH BINTI (1970) Manual MEdSI : Inventori Pemilihan Pendidik Malaysia.

ABDULLAH, NABILAH BINTI (1970) Profiling Performance Indicators : Encouraging Secondary School Students to Learn Science Effectively.

AHMAD, ADIZUL BIN (1970) Non linear Model for Active Suspension Using Robust Control Strategy.

AHMAD, SANIZAH BINTI (1970) Math anxiety phenomenon in engineering education: American Degree Program/PPP/ITM case study.


ALIAS, SALINA BINTI (1970) Adsorption Studies of Zinc (Zn) from Synthetic Waste Water using Bladderwort (Utricularia Vulgaris).

ARIARATNAM, SUTHAHAR A/L S. (1970) Myoclonic Jerks after Clozapine therapy � A case report and review of literature.

ARIARATNAM, SUTHAHAR A/L S. (1970) A comparison of cancer survivors and non- survivors at a Malaysian tertiary hospital.

AZIS, SAFLINA BINTI (1970) Performance Reporting Practices of Public Universities in Malaysia.

CHOO, TEY HWEI (1970) Microeconomic Made Easy.

DAMANHURI, NOR SALWA BINTI (1970) Implementation Of Repetitive Control Algorithm In Reducing Vibration Using MATLAB/Simulink.

DR.), ISMAIL BIN AB. WAHAB (HAJI)(PROF. (1970) Penyediaan Rekod Kewangan Perniagaan Kecil.


HASSAN, NIK FAKRULHAZRI BIN NIK (1970) inculcate entrepreneurial cultures for managing organization in 21st century.

IBRAHIM, ANAS BIN (1970) Optimum Concentration of Lime Slurry for Clayey Soil Stabilization.

IBRAHIM, AZMI BIN (1970) The Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA): Analysis of Seismicity Parameters and Maximum Moment Magnitude due to Large Earthquake in Sumatera.

JAMALLUDIN, DAMANHURI BIN (1970) Evaluation on Performance of RHA-Lime Slurry Stabilized Silty Soil.

MOHAMED, NORAZAMINA BINTI (1970) Accountability Of Accounting Educators In Delivering Moral Values.

MUSA, MURIATUL KHUSMAH BINTI (1970) An Investigation Into the Communication Strategies Employed by the ESL Malay Learners at Malaysian Universities.

NOOR, ABD HALIM BIN MOHD (1970) Analysing Embeddedness Of Foreign Firms InMalaysia: An Initial Study Of Malacca Industrial Estates.

RASHID, JAMALUDDIN BIN ABD. (1970) Graphics and Layout.

SAID, MOHAMED FAIDZ BIN MOHAMED (1970) MPI Overlap Performance Results in a Beowulf Cluster.

SALIAH, SOFFIAN NOOR BIN MAT (1970) Effects of Steel Fiber on Properties of Concrete.

SALIM, NUR ASHIDA BINTI (1970) Coordinated Approach for Generator Location Optimization.

TAJJUDIN, MAZIDAH BINTI (1970) Online Solid Flow Monitoring Using PIC16F873 Microcontroller.

TAPSIR, RUZELA BINTI (1970) Math Anxiety Phenomenon - ADP/PPP/ITM Case Study.

WAHAB, IBTISAM BINTI ABDUL (1970) Oxidative Dimerisation of Stilbenes.


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