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UNSPECIFIED (1988) Cultural Awareness in The ESL Classroom.

UNSPECIFIED (1988) An Evaluation of the Commercial Banking Sector's Readiness for the K-Economy.

(DR), MOHD SHARIF BIN MOHD SAAD (1988) Buku Panduan Perpustakaan di Rumah. UNSPECIFIED.

(DR), NAWAWI BIN HAJI MOHD JAN (1988) Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Malaysia: Management Capacities. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

(DR.), ASHARI BIN ABDUL JALIL (1988) Classification of Malaysian timbers into strength groups. In: UNSPECIFIED.

(DR.), VELLAYAN A/L SUBRAMANIAM (1988) Paper Presented at The First Seminar of Association of Asean Zoos Held. In: UNSPECIFIED.

(DR.), VELLAYAN A/L SUBRAMANIAM (1988) The Role of Veterinary Medical Care In Zoos. In: UNSPECIFIED.

(HAJAH), ZURAIMI BINTI ZAINUDDIN (1988) The Problem With Maths.

(HAJAH), ZURAIMI BINTI ZAINUDDIN (1988) The Splitting Of The Moon.


(HAJAH), ZURAIMI BINTI ZAINUDDIN (1988) http://www.reming.blogspot.com.

@ AW HEE TENG (DR) (DATUK PROF.), OW CHEE SHENG (1988) Considerations for a cost-effective sprinkler system for wooden houses. In: UNSPECIFIED.

@ AW HEE TENG (DR) (DATUK PROF.), OW CHEE SHENG (1988) Environment and the Professional Engineer. In: UNSPECIFIED.

@ AW HEE TENG (DR) (DATUK PROF.), OW CHEE SHENG (1988) Upgrading of Fire Protection System in existing buildings. In: UNSPECIFIED.

@ AW HEE TENG (DR) (DATUK PROF.), OW CHEE SHENG (1988) User perspective of information products and services- The engineeers viewpoint. In: UNSPECIFIED.

@ SHAFI MOHIDEEN (HAJI), SHAFI MOHAMAD (1988) The Malaysian Vision to be a Regional Centre of Excellence for Tertiary Education: Prospects and Challenges.

ABDILLAH, NASIRIN B (1988) Mapping Awk(queer)ness in the 21st Century Malaysian Literary Landscape.

DR), WEE CHONG HUI (PROF. (1988) Falsafah MIM.

HEMDI, MOHAMAD ABDULLAH BIN (1988) Antecedents of Intention to Turnover Among Hotel Managers: A Proposed Model. ISSN 00045772

HEMDI, MOHAMAD ABDULLAH BIN (1988) A Conceptual Model of Hotel Managers� Turnover Intentions: The Moderating Effect of Job-Hopping Attitudes and Turnover Culture.

HEMDI, MOHAMAD ABDULLAH BIN (1988) An investigation on service employees� acceptance of hotel front office systems: A test of technology acceptance model.

JAAFAR, JASMEE BIN (1988) Asas Ukur Kejuruteraan, edisi kedua.

KIM, ENG WAT (1988) Panduan Pembelajaran Business Mathematics. UNSPECIFIED.


MAJEED, ABU BAKAR BIN ABDUL (1988) Design of virgin coconut oil nanoemulsion and evaluation of its physical stability before and after incorporation into semi-solid formulations.

MAJEED, ABU BAKAR BIN ABDUL (1988) Development of cefotaxime loaded pH-nanoparticles.

MAJEED, ABU BAKAR BIN ABDUL (1988) Sukan Lasak Dari Sudut Kesihatan.

MARMAYA, NAJIHAH HANISAH BINTI (1988) The Impact of Blocked Career and Time Factors on Stress Among Teachers in Sabah.

MOHAMMED, NASRUDIN BIN (1988) The elements of politics & environment. ISSN 0128-1283

NONG, SAID HALIM BIN SAID (1988) Drama Melayu Televisyen Malaysia: Satu Penilaian Perkembangan dan Peranan. UNSPECIFIED.

RAJIKIN, MOHD HAMIM BIN (1988) Effect of nicotine on glutathione metabolizing enzymes in rat lung and liver. In: UNSPECIFIED.

RAJIKIN, MOHD HAMIM BIN (1988) Effects of nocotine on some conjunction enzymes in rat lung and liver. In: UNSPECIFIED.

RAJIKIN, MOHD HAMIM BIN (1988) Konsep Asas Tubuh Manusia (Basic Concept of The Human Body). UNSPECIFIED.

RAJIKIN, MOHD HAMIM BIN (1988) Prinsip dan Amalan Perubatan Davidson, Jilid 4. UNSPECIFIED.

RASHID, ZULKIFLI BIN ABD (1988) Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of coconut coir and shell mixtures with sub-bituminous coal using thermogravimetric analysis.

TAHA, KONI BINTI MD (1988) CALCULUS I (MAT183/193/421).

YAAKOB, AHMAD NAWAWI BIN HAJI (1988) Penglibatan wanita Islam dalam dunia hiburan: Menyusuri sejarah silam dan kini. (Selayaknyakah Siti Nurhaliza dinobat idola muslimah).

YUSOFF, ZULKARNAIN B (1988) Profail Penceraian Di Kelantan.

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